Nulixir Adds Distinguished Members to Board of Advisors

Nulixir —a science-driven company committed to enhancing healthy diets and lifestyles with innovative and disruptive ingredients for next generation of intelligent food and beverage products— is proud to announce the addition of new members to its Board of Advisors. The newly established board comprises influential leaders with a wealth of experience in legal, nutrition, and consumer packaged goods. Forming the board (listed in alphabetical order by last name) is Bob Bloom, Barry Burgdorf, Matt Carr, Marissa Epstein, Skip Rosskam, Ken Sadowsky, and Mike Schall. These esteemed advisors will leverage their collective expertise to help guide the company through its next stage of growth.

“I am humbled and thrilled to have the opportunity to work with our Board of Advisors. It is impossible to overstate how rare it is to see such a treasure of knowledge, insight, and experience gathered in one place. We have a team of true visionaries who will advise us on shaping the future of intelligent food.” – Dr. Ehsan Moaseri, CEO of Nulixir.

Bob Bloom has been in the flavor business since the 1970’s, starting from a small privately owned flavor creation and manufacturing company established by his grandfather in 1924, which he retired from in 2020 after a long and successful career. Bob’s goal is to continue to help entrepreneurs successfully establish their businesses. One of the numerous companies Bob helped start and grow was acquired last year, after its 20th year, for $3.8 billion. 

Barry Burgdorf maintains a multifaceted legal practice, serving as Special Counsel for the Austin & Houston division at Pillsbury Law. As an esteemed legal professional, he has served in various industries including life sciences/biotech, healthcare, IT & software, and other technology markets, as well as serving as the General Counsel of the University of Texas System. 

Matt Carr serves as President at Beck Flavors, a global leader in custom flavor solutions and flavor technology for over 100 years. Utilizing an aggressive growth strategy, Matt has more than doubled the size of Beck Flavors in the past five years. 

Marissa Epstein, a diet and nutrition innovation expert, serves as Director at The University of Texas Nutrition Institute, and is an expert in catalyzing innovation with evidence-based nutrition science to bring consumers healthy eating solutions in everyday life. 

Skip Rosskam has over 50 years of flavor and food ingredient technology experience. Prior to his current position as CEO with WhiteSpace – The Right Place, LLC, Skip served as president and COO of David Michael & Co., a global food flavor industry leader and innovator.

Ken Sadowsky has an impeccable track record of investing in and advising many of the fastest-growing and most successful new beverages over the last 20 years, including Glaceau/vitaminwater, Vita Coco, Hint, and Bai. Aptly known as ‘The Beverage Whisperer’, Ken is an expert in identifying promising trends in the food and beverage industry.

Mike Schall served as advisor and senior principal for global growth and business development at Whole Foods Market, before recently joining a middle market investment banking firm as a Managing Director co-leading the food, beverage, and nutrition practice. He has also served in board and C-level positions for a wide range of food companies for more than 30 years, including Fresh Food Concepts, Monterey Gourmet Foods, Guiltless Gourmet, Townsend’s, and more. 

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About Nulixir 

Nulixir develops, manufactures, and licenses intellectual property for smart nanocarriers that enhance the effectiveness of functional ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, cannabis derivatives, energy stimulants, nootropics (cognitive enhancers), probiotics, protein, and more. 

Nanovesicle technology protects functional ingredients from premature degradation and interaction with physiological environments, while significantly reducing the amount of raw material needed for an effective dose, by increasing the bioavailability of the functional ingredients. Engineered to tune functional ingredient performance before consumption and after, nanovesicles provide a continuous and steady supply of desired ingredients, as opposed to quick spikes and sharp drops in nutrient concentrations in the bloodstream. Control of where encapsulated functional ingredients are released in the digestive tract can avert or reduce potential side effects, such as structural damage. The unique, patented, and customizable nanovesicle structures enable new possibilities for release profiles and applications, solving issues associated with uncontrolled release kinetics, product stability, shelf-life longevity, and unpleasant flavors, all while exclusively using widely-accepted ingredients that are designated by the FDA as GRAS (generally regarded as safe).

Available as either solid powders or liquid concentrate formats, Nulixir’s line of products are non-GMO, vegan, kosher, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-free.

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